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Welcome to the website of
Dr. Morgan Job. The objective of
uniting all manner of persons well
intentioned toward Trinidad and
Tobago is captured by my verse:
"See God in every face, not race."

We hope to provide non partisan
analyses of current national and
international issues. Many citizens have migrated in response to our failing institutions: schools, police, bureaucracy, political parties, and the executive (the government). Only by challenging the ideas or beliefs which explain how the country has evolved to its state of disorder, intolerance, and inefficiency can we have hope. This site is devoted to kindling the flames of love and hope among all citizens, their friends and their families throughout the world.

We are guided by the enlightenment ideas of individual freedom of conscience, and the human right to worship God, or not to, as we imagine it/her/him, and consistent with the laws of the land where we live. We do not encourage the use of the site to promote hatred against any individual, group or state. Peace, love, intellectual excitement, and the pusuit of truth guide our presentations or anlyses.

Please send all your friends, classmates, workmates, or colleagues to this site. Let us unite in brotherhood to devote ourselves to Lord Krishna's advice to Arjuna: "He who looks at another human with love and affection, without malice or pride, that devotee is dear to me."
"Love thy neighbor as thyself .That is the law and the prophets", is how it is put in the New Testament. We want to unite such empathy with a sense of humor, the dispassionate sincerity of the scientific (empirical) method and respect for the honest opinions of all peoples or ethnic groups. Please do join us in our daily fora to make a more loving less hateful world."

This is the definitive research source for local, regional and international affairs. The site features an extensive library of his articles, analyses and lectures on many topics. Need information on UNESCO or want to find out what can be done about problems in our nation's schools then search our databases.

Our images section features interesting shots that capture our heritage. Take a tour of our multicultural twin island.

Do you have a point to be made? Join our Forum and make it!

This is the site to be!

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2. Affairs - Local
3. Affairs - Regional
4. Africa-Tribe/Ethnicity/Failed states/Rwanda Genocide
5. Bomb Newspaper Articles
6. CEPEP Affairs
7. Crime Update TT
8. Dr. The Hon.Morgan Job: Parliament Lectures/Press releases
9. Economics and Business update
10. Education
11. Haiti: the Caribbean denouement with Africa
12. Hindu Champions, or Fundamentalist "Indians"
13. History
14. India: languages/ Castes/Ethnicity/Tribals/Literature/
15. Mr. Patrick Manning Speaks
16. Nelson Mandela
17. Newspaper: Guardian Articles
18. Obeah
19. PNM Economic Policy
20. Probe/Pillar Newspaper
21. Race
22. Religion: the opiate of the masses, or the elixir of life
23. Sex
24. Tertiary Gossip
25. The "Africans"
26. Tobago
27. What Eric Williams said.
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